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Birth of a small hero

Dishwashing had always been an exhausting chore. Extensive pre-soaking and cleaning of dishes was part of the daily routine. In 1951 the former Henkel subsidiary Böhme Fettchemie developed a small miracle for German housewives: the first Pril, originally in powder form. Its amazing cleaning power and skin-friendly formula made dishwashing effortlessly easy. Leaving a thin uniform film of water on dishes allowed for clear drying. Doing away with wiping dishes dry meant not only reduced workload, but it was also much more hygienic.

Pril – in liquid form

After having been on the market for almost a decade, dishwashing powders were increasingly replaced by liquids. Pril was again a pioneer in this field. The liquid form of the product immediately became a huge success and is the product we are familiar with today. Most importantly, the dosage was simplified, enabling customers to use exactly the right amount of dishwashing liquid – another revolutionary step to improving sustainability.

Pril in GCC

In 2000, Pril came to the GCC. With its incredible scents and strong formula, Pril was able to remove even the most persistent and serious spills.

Pril 3x Power

In 2013 the enhanced Pril 3x Power was introduced. A formula 3x stronger that lasts longer and washes more dishes.