Pril All in 1 Dishwasher Tabs - Grease Cutting

The All in 1 Dishwasher Tabs with active degreasers, for dishwashers

Pril the All in 1 dishwasher tabs with grease-cutting power for perfectly clean and shiny dishes

The All in 1 Dishwasher Tabs offer perfect cleanliness and brilliant shine with no residue, while protecting dishes and the machine from scale buildup.

Thanks to its active degreasers, the new Pril All in 1 dishwasher tablets remove the toughest grease without any residue.
Pril All in 1 has:

  • Cleaning power for perfect cleanliness - Rinse aid benefit for brilliant shine - Salt function to protect your dishes and glassware from scale buildup
  • Cleaning booster that helps remove extra-resistant food residue
  • Machine protection function, to protect your dishwasher from the deposit of lime scale - Soaking power so that you don't need to prewash the dishes

Use one dishwasher tablet for all kinds of dirt. The Pril All in 1 detergent guarantees a perfect result even when your dishwasher notifies you that you are out of rinse aid or salt. Therefore, there is no need for rinse aid or salt. Pril All in 1 contains all the functions of a detergent, rinse aid, salt, and more, giving you the perfect wash.


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