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Pril All in 1 Gel Hygiene

The first All in 1 Gel detergent for dishwashers in the GCC.

Pril All in 1 Gel, the revolutionary solution for your dishwasher

The New Pril All in 1 Gel Hygiene with Bicarbonate Ions offers perfect and hygienic cleaning without leaving any residue, with the added benefit of dosage freedom.

Pril All in 1 Gel provides flexible dosing, dissolves quickly, and soaks deeply into stains for effective degreasing without leaving any residue. This results in brilliantly clean dishes even in short cycles thanks to German technology.

Pour liquid into the chamber according to your flexible dosing needs. Close the dosing chamber and start the machine without choosing any pre-wash.
Use 24 ml for light dirt. Use 30 ml for medium dirt. Use 33 ml for heavy dirt.



Stainless steel shine

Active from only 40°C

Flexible dosing


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